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About Us
Love for real Mexican food? here Chava's Mexican Grill serves a delicious variety of Mexican dishes
for all of us. Our Mexican dishes are popular because it is delicious and healthy.
As soon as you take a bite into our Mexican dish, you can taste a variety of powerful and delicious
flavors and serve up new ways for you to enjoy it

we've been dedicated to bringing you The Best Mexican Food in Marshall, IL to experience
Mexican dishes only at Chava's Mexican Grill. that's how our Mexican dishes are different from other
restaurants. Chava's Mexican Grill is well known for The Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Marshall, IL.
We serve many Mexican dishes like  tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas,  and many more delicious
Mexican dishes on our menu.
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The Best Family Restaurant in Marshall, IL.

Everyone loves Mexican food right! The Best Family Restaurant in Marshall, IL is none of the other it is Chava's Mexican Grill. there are plenty of ways to enjoy our delicious Mexican cuisine at amazing prices. Our experts provide memorable food for you in a hygienic way. We use unique ingredients and exotic spices for the betterment of our dishes.

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